Yoga retreat in Abruzzo
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Anima sensory experience: your yoga retreat in Abruzzo

Experience a yoga retreat in Abruzzo: on the road with your soul. Mind, body and spirit will fuse together with nature, peace and recollections of an antique Hamlet.

Time seems to have stopped in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Everything here recalls the glorious age of counts and princesses, the stone fuses together with the rural landscape filled of signs of ancient practices fallen into disuse, and sometimes it seems to hear the breath of the mountain among the houses.

A place where our soul will find shelter, by listening to our body, in order to balance and harmonize our emotions, perfect for your yoga retreat in Abruzzo.

Sextantio, a “widespread hotel” born with the aim to recover the culture and old traditions of the medieval village, will be the place where to re-experience old memories and to awaken our senses by matching them with the Energy of the natural elements.

Your yoga retreat in Abruzzo



2 pm – Welcome and Check-in:

  • Stroll through the alleys: “Awakening the ancestral memories”

Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Village, we will connect with the soul of its dwellers through their stories.

5.30 pm – at Tisaneria:

  • SENSE OF SMELL – EARTH – Root Chakra

The tasting of herbal teas rich of therapeutic properties from the Abruzzi Mountains will lead us in the sensory journey of our memories in order to find our lost identity through perceptions and emotions.

8 pm – Sensory dinner:

  • SENSE OF TASTE – WATER – Sacral Chakra

Through our 5 senses, we will meet the authentic taste of the old recipes from Abruzzi and get in touch with our primal instincts.

Group sharing and breathing meditation


8 am – Village breakfast

9.30 am – “Power hike”

Walk to Rocca di Calascio, surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape, with its grandiose beauty.
When we step on the land, we leave an imprint both physical and energetic. By stepping on the same land, the whole group will vibrate in unison and will become a sole energy source.
Angst and troubles will disappear and will leave room for the peace of mind.

  • Four elements meditation

We will experience the fusion of our energy with the water, earth, fire and air ones in order to convert our intentions, connect with the earth and listen to the sky.

  • Lunch in the nature

In the wicker and olive branches basket woven by local craftsmen we will find the food recalling the time when women met men in the field to have lunch together laying on a cloth woven to the frame, in a festive and friendly atmosphere, to celebrate the summer approaching.

  • Souls meeting at the Rocca

Our eyes will be the window to our souls, our hearts will gather thanks to the power of the embrace and unconditional love.

  • Back to our recollections

With open heart we will go back to our memories and their scent, which will connect us with our primal instincts, awakening our soul.

5 pm – Mantra and ancestral sounds

  • SENSE OF HEARING – SOUNDS – Throat Chakra

Deep balance and relaxation through the sound and vibrations of ancestral instruments. We will lose ourselves in a “sound bath”, get rid of muscle and mental tensions and recover.

8 pm – Village Dinner

9 pm – Meditation around the fire.

  • SENSE OF SIGHT – FIRE – Solar plexus Chakra

Thanks to Daiana’s relaxation techniques, we will experience our “here and now” very intimately.
A very unique moment to open our eyes to the Truth: the power of fire, symbol of change, will help us to “observe” what we were able only to “see”.


7 am – OSHO Heart Chakra Meditation

  • SENSE OF TOUCH – AIR – Heart Chakra

An old ritual, the “Sacred dance of breath”, will connect us with our inner spiritual center and the natural flow of life. Thanks to the force from the 4 cardinal directions, we will get in touch with the 4 elements and open our heart to love.

8 am – Breakfast

9.30 am – Village Bread

Thanks to the 4 elements, we will learn how to make bread, symbol of family unity. The old tradition will come alive through our hands in order to taste the flavors of the festive Village.
During a brief initial meditation session related to the sense of touch, we will rediscover our ability of “give and receive”, the force of love and being loved.

1 pm – Festive lunch

3 pm – Sharing and salutations

*Offer valid September 29, 30 and October 1, 2017.

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