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Our Cantinone

Wine tasting “Degustando l’Abruzzo”

“The Cantinone” takes its name from the ancient Italian name of “Cantina” (cellar). This was usually located on the ground floor or basement and was used for the storage of food in the traditional houses of Abruzzo.

They were often built by enlarging an existing cave and was a very important place because it stored all the necessary food to sustain the family during the long and harsh winters. Because of its high value it was usually under lock and key by the head of the family.


Typical produce stored here would be casks of wine, bottles of oil and vinegar, pork sausages , seasoned cheeses, vegetables marinated in oil in ceramic pots and glass jars.
The purpose and character of our “Cantinone” is manifested through using products from the cellar where they are naturally preserved to create a few simple and essential dishes typical of the local culture. The hand made interior is a representation of how the ancestral mountain people worked with wood. The crowning glory of the scene is the stone fireplace in which now as in the past,  meals of the day are kept warm.