Real Estate

The projects of the Sextantio – Dom Company originate from an interesting cultural ambition: to give dignity to the Minor Historical Heritage and to the Landscape of our Country.

Italy, whose principal identity is that of being the Country of History above all others, has wiped out a minor history, left out of the paradigm of classicism.
As to the first two villages already accomplished, in Santo Stefano di Sessanio the project articulates in a relationship of mutual integrity between territory and historical building, protecting the landscape of medieval fortified villages, which are so typical in Apennine Italy.

The second example – of the Sassi di Matera – represents the almost paradigmatic expression of the Minor Historical Heritage, nearly wretched, marked by caves and rocky churches, inhabited until the first years of the fifties notwithstanding malaria and precarious hygienic conditions, disqualified as it were a shame for Italy: this judgment derives from postwar reformism, as the most evident expression of the underdevelopment of our South.

Today this approach to the conservation of the landscape and of the historical heritage, and its cultural value – the example of Santo Stefano di Sessanio is emblematic – have become projects which are driving the economy of the whole area. A new model of development, unusually based on a cultural project quite autonomous, has reached exponential results under many-sided variables.

This project has become an absolute model in the world not only for the most important press review in this line since the birth of tourism in Italy (Jennifer Greco – Financial Time) or for the academic or social acknowledgments, but because it has succeeded in blending two concepts antithetic for western culture: a cultural project and an economic model of development.

At present the Company is going to put 3 products up for sale:

1. The houses in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, on sale but with a chance of hotel re-management. This proposal should be interesting for single private customers or for estate agents.

2. The villages (Enclosure Minor Heritage and Enclosure Yard with property valuation). In addition to the purchase of the village (or of the villages), thanks to the planning and operating experience we have acquired through the accomplishment of the structures of Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Matera, we can offer to the buyer various conditions of cooperation: from an effective partnership to different levels of advice according to this particular model of Planning which has proved to be the most important economic variable of the investment.

3. Search Partner Matera

4. In order to get a second authorization which would be a completion of the first, we are looking for a Silent Partner and, if possible, a Working One to obtain the necessary resources to finish the project with the professional support of David Chipperfield.