This section is about all the beauties and the distinctive elements that can turn a stay at Sextantio into a special experience! We want to give you the opportunity to “foretaste” your holiday: a precious chance to go back in time and experience the traditional lifestyle of ancient times!

Abruzzo Carnival

A traditional holiday with culinary delights and plenty of fun Abruzzo is a place that has maintained a direct link with the past, not only through its wonderful unspoilt landscapes, but also with its traditions that are observed faithfully and handed down through the generations: an immense wealth of knowledge, made up of ancient practices,…


The craft beer

Newer and newer ways to get warm and to create a warm atmosphere In the magnificent mountain sceneries, such as those that you can admire in Abruzzo, the temperatures are always lower than those reached in the flat areas. That’s why the local populations had to find newer and newer ways to get warm and…


The fireplace

Around the fireplace the family gathered to spend time together and chat Have you ever wondered what our ancestors used to do in the cold winter days, when they had to stay home and when the modern pastimes didn’t exist? Well… they lighted a fire and the whole family gathered in the same room to…


The traditional sweets of Abruzzo

Abruzzo you can also have “sweet” surprises Besides enjoying ancient traditions, in Abruzzo you can also have “sweet” surprises! The traditional sweets of Abruzzo are countless: some are prepared on the occasion of specific festivities or periods of the year, other are constant elements of the local tradition. The latter category includes the “ferratelle”, a…


The traditional recipes of Abruzzo

A people who lived on agriculture and breeding The traditional recipes of Abruzzo are the heritage of a people who lived on agriculture and breeding. However, despite the use of fresh ingredients, their taste is delicious and authentic. The credit for this belongs also to housewives, who made do with the ingredients available and invented…


Local fauna

Fauna of Abruzzo

Don’t miss the chance to discover the enchanting fauna of Abruzzo! Tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Abruzzo will certainly experience intense feelings. Besides the spectacular sceneries, the warm atmosphere suggestive of Medieval towns and the delicious taste of traditional food, the region is a true paradise for people who love nature and…


Homemade jam

Homemade grape jam

If you want to experience the tradition of Abruzzo, try the local homemade grape jam, a product that women anciently used to make in autumn. Breakfast is really important to face the day with the right spirit. Each of us chooses what to eat in the morning depending on personal tastes, but certain foods are…


The good habits of yore

benefits of a hot bath

Get in the tub, relax and enjoy all the benefits of a hot bath… Modern life is so stressful that we feel exhausted and nervous at the end of the day. It feels like we have no more time for ourselves, which is also proved by some habits that are more and more widespread. For…


Pastimes of past times

Ancient games and toys in Abruzzo

Ancient games and toys in Abruzzo. Playing has always been a very important activity for the healthy development of children. But… have you ever wondered what the games and the toys of yore were and how our ancestors used to spend their spare time and have fun as children? Of course, it’s something very different…


Discovering our ancestors’ business

Traditional crafts of Abruzzo

An overview on the traditional crafts of Abruzzo… to trace the history of this enchanting region. The technology available today is extremely sophisticated and allows us to live in great comfort. Many human activities can be performed by machinery, even surgical operations! But then… what will become of ancient crafts? We can’t risk losing them,…