On the trail of the wolf

The presence of the wolves in the Gran Sasso Nationa Park has inspired several daily life tales and conditioned the collective imagination of the dwellers living from forestry and sheep farming. Men – Wolves’ relationship has very old roots and represents one of the most interesting features of the anthropological scenery of Abruzzi. Our offer…


Anima sensory experience: your yoga retreat in Abruzzo

Yoga retreat in Abruzzo

Experience a yoga retreat in Abruzzo: on the road with your soul. Mind, body and spirit will fuse together with nature, peace and recollections of an antique Hamlet. Time seems to have stopped in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Everything here recalls the glorious age of counts and…


Every dog has its day!

Special offer for our furry friends “Look at your dog’s eyes and you will not able to say he has no soul.” Victor Hugo. PROGRAM Saturday afternoon, welcome in the Tea Room Welcome cookie in the Tea Room; Walk in the greenspace around the Hamlet, with guided tour for humans and final reward for dogs.…


Walk and arrosticini dinner under the stars

passeggiata e cena tipica sotto le stelle

Friday, 21 July 2017 – Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ) Thanks to the cooperation with the ancient “Rifugio Racollo”, the offer includes a nice stroll with visit at Campo Imperatore. With the first appearance of the stars, we are back to Rifugio for the tasty dinner with arrosticini, Stick with lamb typical…


Feast of the artcraft shops square

Feast of the artcraft shops square, with our artisans on July 15 and 16, when they will be around us working the local raw materials: wood, wool, paludal herbs and natural fibers. A tribute to the recall of the past handed down by gestures, to the universal language of indigenous material culture, to the strength…


2017 Gran Sasso festival


unique, unmissable and unimitable! Every year, at the first blossom of Spring on the Gran Sasso, there is a thick network of associations, institutions, administrations and public bodies that revolve around the Gran Sasso National park to organise a 360° program that takes place all through the summer months, so that there is always activity…


The bridle-path of the Gran Sasso

innovation at the service of nature There is a route in the Gran Sasso National park that takes you on a 360° journey around its splendours. We are talking about the bridle-path of the Gran Sasso. A round artificial route 300 km long, designed and made according to the most innovative environmental engineering techniques, in…


When the Medici family ruled in Sessiano

a village among the most beautiful in Italy Our beautiful village, among the most beautiful in Italy, which today is immersed in the serenity and silence of nature, was once a chaotic crowd of passersby, shepherds, merchants, craftsmen, a time in which the Medici family ruled over Sessiano and most of L’Aquila. The prominent Medici…


The splendours of Abruzzo art

Abruzzo is a wild and generous land with intense chiaroscuros. A land that gave birth to many great artists during the centuries Boundless landscapes, coloured faces signed by life, deep faith, history, everything here is the perfect subject for an opera. Today, we would like to offer you a brief overview of the main attractions…