May: Excursions in the Gran Sasso National Park

excursions in tha gran sasso national park

May is the month of luxuriance, of the exploding heat and of perfumes and colours. Therefore, there is no better period to immerse oneself in nature, touch it, feel it and breath it in. In May the Gran Sasso National Park lies in the centre of Italy like a goddess with her most beautiful gown…


A trip into Prehistoric times

An adventure holiday between Gran Sasso and Sirente-Velino In spring the lush landscape is heavy with sweet perfume, and an outdoor holiday beckons like a mermaid’s siren call. We have just the thing. Between the rocks of Gran Sasso and the Sirente-Velino, in the caves far away from prying eyes, are buried treasures that are…



The perfect union between identity and tourism They often say that Italy is all beautiful and that every town is a work of art but the truth is that not everywhere they are conserved and respected. Often the masses of tourists wear out villages originally structured to house a few hundred inhabitants. Here, in Santo…


Wonders hidden among sheep trails

Rural churches and archeological sites Ruins, churches and villages, small enough to have been saved from globalisation, very close to the Gran Sasso mountain and lost in time, crystalised in the magical and evocative Abruzzo Middles Ages. In Borminaco, a fraction of Caporciano, where the Centurelle-Montesecco sheep trail begins, there is a church, Santa Maria…


The specialities of the Abruzzo greengrocer

Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots Abruzzo is a region that is particularly appropriate for growing vegetables. There are some native varieties that we warmly advise you to try, like the curly kale, a kind of native turnip found in the Majella Park, the Cupello artichokes, the Fucino carrots, the Abruzzo pear tomato and the princes of our…


Let’s take a look at the Sirente-Velino Natural Park

abruzzo events

At just a few kilometres from Sessanio The Sirente-Velino natural park is another important natural park at just a few kilometres from Sessanio. It takes its name from the Sirente and Velino mountains whose peaks are almost 2500 metres high. The park has an incredibly varied geomorphology and a great environmental diversity. Men and animals…


Anima sensory experience: your yoga retreat in Abruzzo

Yoga retreat in Abruzzo

Experience a yoga retreat in Abruzzo: on the road with your soul. Mind, body and spirit will fuse together with nature, peace and recollections of an antique Hamlet. Time seems to have stopped in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Everything here recalls the glorious age of counts and…


Easter, amidst the sacred and the profane

pasqua in abruzzo

Celebrations, festivals, nature and fun The Easter holidays have always been the ideal period to visit natural locations, parks, museums and the Abruzzo region, known as the green lung of Italy. It is the perfect place to discover the beauties of nature, besides its ancient customs and traditions. There are many customs related to Easter…


The Tirino valley

valle del tirino

History, nature, leisure and relaxation The Tirino valley, including the municipalities of Bussi sul Tirino, Capestrano and Ofena, located half an hour by car from Sessanio, takes its name from the river Tirino, one of the cleanest and bluest rivers of Italy. This natural gem also includes notable artistic and historic beauties – so much…