Walk and arrosticini dinner under the stars

passeggiata e cena tipica sotto le stelle

Friday, 21 July 2017 – Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ) Thanks to the cooperation with the ancient “Rifugio Racollo”, the offer includes a nice stroll with visit at Campo Imperatore. With the first appearance of the stars, we are back to Rifugio for the tasty dinner with arrosticini, roasted castrated sheep’s meat…


Feast of the artcraft shops square

Feast of the artcraft shops square, with our artisans on July 15 and 16, when they will be around us working the local raw materials: wood, wool, paludal herbs and natural fibers. A tribute to the recall of the past handed down by gestures, to the universal language of indigenous material culture, to the strength…


Saffron, the spice of Abruzzo

The cultivations of this plant goes back to very ancient times If one thinks about spices, thought immediately run to exotic places such as India, Bangladesh or Japan. But there is a spice that is 100% Italian and from Abruzzo and it grows abundantly in the heart of Italy: it is saffron. The cultivations of…


Wines from Abruzzo

Best wines of Abruzzo

A voyage into taste We bet that in the few minutes it takes for you to read this post we will make you feel like tasting one of the wines we propose? Ready? Go. Close your eyes and let’s begin this voyage into taste. We are in Sessanio, in our cellar. The air is dense…


Many feasts and initiatives going on in Abruzzo


The best examples of the region’s gastronomy, traditions and nature take place in this joyful holiday period. With the coming of the good season, there are many feasts and initiatives going on in Abruzzo. The best examples of the region’s gastronomy, traditions and nature take place in this joyful holiday period. The ‘sagre’ (feasts dedicated…


On the trail of the wolf

The presence of the wolves in the Gran Sasso Nationa Park has inspired several daily life tales and conditioned the collective imagination of the dwellers living from forestry and sheep farming. Men – Wolves’ relationship has very old roots and represents one of the most interesting features of the anthropological scenery of Abruzzi. Our offer…


May: Excursions in the Gran Sasso National Park

excursions in tha gran sasso national park

May is the month of luxuriance, of the exploding heat and of perfumes and colours. Therefore, there is no better period to immerse oneself in nature, touch it, feel it and breath it in. In May the Gran Sasso National Park lies in the centre of Italy like a goddess with her most beautiful gown…


A trip into Prehistoric times

An adventure holiday between Gran Sasso and Sirente-Velino In spring the lush landscape is heavy with sweet perfume, and an outdoor holiday beckons like a mermaid’s siren call. We have just the thing. Between the rocks of Gran Sasso and the Sirente-Velino, in the caves far away from prying eyes, are buried treasures that are…



The perfect union between identity and tourism They often say that Italy is all beautiful and that every town is a work of art but the truth is that not everywhere they are conserved and respected. Often the masses of tourists wear out villages originally structured to house a few hundred inhabitants. Here, in Santo…


Wonders hidden among sheep trails

Rural churches and archeological sites Ruins, churches and villages, small enough to have been saved from globalisation, very close to the Gran Sasso mountain and lost in time, crystalised in the magical and evocative Abruzzo Middles Ages. In Borminaco, a fraction of Caporciano, where the Centurelle-Montesecco sheep trail begins, there is a church, Santa Maria…