abruzzo rural traditions
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Memories of a simple life.

In researching local culinary heritageand customs, we have discovered a cuisine where resources were few, but mixed in a great number of different recipes…

One of our aims is to reflect Abruzzo rural traditions. This heritage has strong roots among the mountain people who cherish their pastoral culture. Part of our mission is to rediscover regional gastronomy.


We have bought neighbouring land to produce local food, which is available from a restored building (a former cellar) in the centre of the village. In researching local culinary heritage and rituals, we have discovered a local cuisine where resources were few, but mixed in a great number of different recipes. Working with the Museum of the People of Abruzzo – and with the help and advice of the older residents from the area – we have revived artisan skills which go back centuries. Using only traditional raw materials, Santo Stefano’s weavers are producing hand made fabrics for use in our rooms, and to offer to the public directly from the workshop.

With the help of local people, artisan traditions
are being rediscovered.

– Daniele Kihlgren

Artistic and cultural events are an essential part of life in Santo Stefano. In partnership with the classical orchestra the Officina Musicale, we are developing a project called Ensemble in Residence, where we ‘adopt’ musicians and offer a season of concerts or events. The money raised from these performances will be used for non-profit initiatives. Our hope is that these events at Santo Stefano will become a beacon for an alternative way of enjoying both popular and high culture – a different approach to the clichéd and folkloristic tourism which has overtaken many Italian hill towns.

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